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Ending a marriage may come with mixed emotions. You may be pleased with your newfound freedom and independence, scared for your financial stability or for your children or overwhelmed at the prospect of creating a life and success on your own. In any case, there is a lot to sort out as you begin this new chapter, and you may find yourself needing a lawyer to help you through the confusing legal process.

At Abrahamson Law Office, our attorneys can help you in many aspects as you end your marriage, including:

  • Divorce (contested, uncontested or collaborative)
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Property division
  • Legal separation
  • Orders of protection

While mediation and collaboration with your spouse in these processes make for a smoother transition, we know that this is not always the best option for every client. One of our attorneys will work with you to establish your requirements and your needs and help you find the most effective way to meet them. Whether that involves careful mediation or aggressive litigation, Abrahamson Law Office is committed to advocating for you and your children and fighting for your best interests and your assets.

In addition, we understand that you, your children or your assets may need protection from a toxic spouse. Because of this, we are also available to assist you in gaining orders of protection.

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