Vehicular accidents are, to say the least, a fairly common occurrence. Many are just fender-benders with a few scratches or dents here and there, but others result in injuries to drivers and passengers. 

When you’re on a motorcycle out for a ride, however, if a four-wheeled vehicle crashes into you, all bets are off, so to speak. You have very little protection outside of your helmet and your own ability to maneuver out of harm’s way. 

The other driver is enclosed in a metal-protected shell, but you’re sitting alone on a two-wheeled vehicle that offers little or no protection against injuries. You can be seriously injured or face fatal consequences even if you’ve been observing all road and traffic safety precautions and laws. If you do survive the crash, what can you do to recover for your injuries and other losses, such as wages unearned because you can’t work? 

The sad truth is that most people, including insurance company claims adjusters and even juries in a personal injury lawsuit, will probably look upon you as a motorcyclist as someone who is reckless or outside the law, right or wrong. You will have to fight prejudices that accompany the desire to own and ride a motorcycle. 

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What to Do Following a Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, your first response should be to seek medical care if you’ve been injured. Call 911. If your injuries don’t require immediate medical care, such as going to an emergency room, then there are other steps to take to make sure your claim against the at-fault driver is fully documented.  

The first step is to get the driver’s contact and insurance information, so you can make a claim. Also, calling 911 should result in police coming to investigate. Once they’ve completed their investigation, you can request a copy to use in your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. 

After that, using your smartphone, take images or videos of the scene, including your injuries and damages to your motorcycle. Be sure to also include photos of the road conditions and any traffic signs or warnings that the other driver may have ignored. If there are witnesses, for instance, those on the roadside who may have seen what happened, or those conscientious drivers who pulled over to offer help, get their statements and contact information. 

When you get a chance, you should also write down or record everything that happened according to your recollection. This will be essential in any insurance claim or lawsuit.  

The final and most important step is to contact a personal injury attorney to deal with the claims process—or lawsuit—going forward. Insurance companies have mastered every trick in the book to lowball or deny your claim, so you should let an experienced personal injury attorney handle everything for you. Report the accident promptly, but let your attorney handle the negotiations. 

Your Responsibility as a Motorcyclist

As a motorcyclist, you are expected to obey the same rules as four-wheeled drivers on the road. You also cannot split lanes, that is, ride between two vehicles in their proper lanes. 

Motorcyclists must wear protective helmets. There must also be lights for use in the darkness, and a horn that can be heard for a distance of at least 200 feet. Passengers are not allowed unless there is a sidecar. Handlebars cannot be more than 15 inches above “the mounting point of the handlebars.” There also must be a brake on at least one wheel. 


If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in or around Omaha, Nebraska—or worse, a loved one has lost his or her life—contact us at Abrahamson Law Office. We will treat your case with the utmost compassion and care and seek the just compensation you deserve for your injuries or loss.